Making site changes. Add links, feeds, etc.


The Legacy Pages are now gone.


Ha ha, what did I know? MySpace is all about getting as many friends as possible.


 Okay I'm still with myspace and I check it pretty regularly. So if you got a burning question feel free to message me. Or you can do a friends request so you can spam my page with comments. My current criteria for adding friends is as long as your profile isn't obviously a porn connection.


The comments page is now officially offline. But you can communicate with me via Yea I know it's a teenage wasteland, but I got sucked into it. So I'm going to try it out for awhile. Go ahead and send a message. If you want to become a friend on myspace, then send me a message and talk to me. I'm not there to get a huge number of friends, but maybe talk to some people who really want to talk to me.


 Okay so if you wanted to post a comment, you still can. The reason the comments page doesn't automatically show up with a new message is because I refuse to let my pages be a dumping ground for spam. Basically posts with nothing but repetitive links. They still post them, but they are not visible. This means I have to manually copy and paste true comments onto the viewable page. No worries though, if you have a comment or question that is not relatively spam, I'll read it. And if you check make it public, I'll post it to the comments page. I look in on my website more often than I post any news. If there's no news it's because there's no news.




 Season's Greetings. Merry Christ Mass, Happy Hanukkah, Yule Tide Greetings, and most of all Happy Holidays!


Well  It's the New Year, err, again. Time always appears to fly whenever I come back to my website. It gives me that feeling of years just rolling away. I know when I'm working in my everyday life it doesn't really go that fast, but it's the reflection that gooses you into it.

So here we have it, as I scroll down, although it's possibly been longer since these pages were migrated from elsewhere, but by the date alone, it's been fives years of the Wizard Randus online. It was about time to get a domain.  Hey they aren't as expensive as they use to be.

So was it worth the wait? It sure implies that I should do more here.  I have definitely been doing something, otherwise time wouldn't be flying by and I'd have chewed my fingernails until there was nothing left.

At this point it's still a work in progress, but I am starting to get new VB. Net pages up. That's right the nightmare continues as I adventure through VB 2003 and eventually check out the 2005 Beta product.

I've also shuffled some stuff around. Being the pack rat that I am, these files are really of no significant size anyway, I've kept them up and put them under the heading of Legacy Pages. As things grow old that are in the spotlight now they might find their way there as well. My changes aren't really cool or flashy (yet), so stick around, you may hit this page tomorrow and it will all be refaced.


I Just realized that my News was having the wrong year, so yes I've been giving out news this year and it was saying 2003, when it's in fact 2004. My how time flies.  If you look down you'll see no news for a whole year between 2002 to 2003. Yea I lost interest in my web pages altogether. I've been more interested this year in keeping up with things. I can't believe my VB .Net experience and subsequent lessons are a year and half old already! Hey you want more, cry out for it

I'm looking down the barrel of a 2005 Studio Beta. I might get it. My last Beta experience for Office 2003 wasn't too bad, weird that we got that in the fall of 2003, but it was cool while it lasted. Eventually a nice copy of that should come into my possession, legally of' course. Work has a way of paying for these things.

So it's been all about the writing this year. Busy with it. Giving out a whole book for anyone to check out chapter by chapter for free. Won't last forever though.

Although it's been up for a while now, you can finally get a look at me on my bio page.

As a Wizard I tend to dabble into different things. From the New Age esoteric to writing of gay erotica, and back to coding experiences with the latest and greatest VB. Not everything I'm putting up here is for everyone. Use the menu navigation on the left to see if there's anything beyond MS Agent that's of interest to you.

The only reason Smiling Joe is famous now is because he's old and one of the first agents created outside of MS's fab four. It didn't take long for everyone else to join in and create the most outrageous looking agents. Merlin should still be talking to people on my site for those who have figured out how to get MS Agent up and running.


My Books section is up.  I have published a book using POD on Check out the My Books section to read more about it.


I have posted Responses to the comments page. Now that I see this working I'll try and check in more often. Right now I am not responding by e-mail, because well the e-mail account is full of Spam. The inbox has been jammed up since September of last year. I emptied it the other day and and it filled right back up.


No e-mail.  Its official e-mail is now owned by the world of spam. So I am putting up an all purpose comments page. Tell me whatever, but keep it clean, please!


The spells page is back. Feel free to add one, please keep it clean.


Well I can't seem to find any info about the old ActiveX chat that used to work but doesn't anymore.  I guess I got comfortable with it working and had not checked it in awhile. Still looking around but in the meantime I am unlinking the chat pages.  This almost seems like my site is shrinking, but there's some more VB pages up.


I have added more VB dot net Pages. Check out all the new info as I digest the inner workings of a new VB 7 project and focus on getting a handle on your first windows application.


First off please note even though Smiling Joe appears on the logo of MS Agent web ring as opposed to Microsoft Agent Web Ring, I am in no way supporting this ring, as you can plainly see I have not joined nor do I intend to join it.  It is my wish that the owner of this new web ring remove Joe from his logo.

Gordon Has been keeping his ring updated for years and to see someone come along and simply copy all his work is a sad thing.  I appeal to anyone in this new ring to at the very least stay in Microsoft Agent web ring and the most leave the MS Agent Web Ring.

Okay I am putting up another VB Page, but this time it will actually contain something.  My recent experience with VB .Net has prompted me to put a guide for VB 6 users so you don't stumble over all the same things I did.


Okay,  I have moved to a home server with no ads. Geocites is dumping FTP service to non paying members, isn't that cool? They really want you to pay so they are making it less friendly to use for non paying people. I wasn't to happy when someone e-mailed me to let me know my site was full of errors, which as I explained were not mine.

Also has dropped forwarding service, isn't that nice? It's part of their new premium service though, if you want to pay. Well I got from the xoom to NBCI switch over so it's no great loss. If you click an e-mail link to me which gives you, don't use it, use (old and deleted e-mail reference). I really do want to hear from people!

You'll also notice some of the stuff I had on here is not being migrated. This will make way for new stuff. For those of you who use UOX I think my programs were getting to old for their new version anyway and from what I gather the old version is history. And I'm done teasing you with my game ideas, if I ever make any significant jump in it's progress I may put it all up again.  I axed my VB page, cause I never put anything on it, go figure. This whole website is becoming an antique :) Well it still has Agent code, for those of you searching for that enjoy.


It has come to my attention that my pages generate alot of Script errors.  One of the reason I keep this site up and in the agent web ring is because it has some very good Vb script code for MS Agent (You can be the judge). But the script errors are not actually coming from my webpages, they are coming from the server. Geocities adds code to each file as it's downloaded to create their popup ads.

 The problem lies in the fact that they don't expect people to use so many frames and the code errors out because of that. I haven't actually looked at their code to see what the problem is, but I'm sure that when my pages are viewed by themselves they work just fine. So I am looking for a better home. 

let's see where I end up


      Well after NBCI killed off all the homepage members who had hung in there since we all belonged to xoom, I have had to put all this up somewhere else. That would be Yahoo/Geocites.   Their ad thing isn't so bad these days and the server is really tried & true. For those of you wondering I didn't die. 

It seems weird to watch years go by since I first started all this webpage madness.  I miss new stuff for MS Agent from Microsoft, blame it on the IE incident. I haven't had much time to devote to making of Lords. It's a big old dream, but it's fun to share that kind of dream with others.  I claim to have original ideas, but you know how it is, most things have been thought of before.

This comes from playing Ultima Online for years! And now going on another year of Asheron's Call.  I always want something more for the time spent other than monster bashing day & night. You get that from UO, but sooner or later it just seems like work. No these pages haven't changed much, for any of you who noticed.  I really do program with Visual Basic and had intended to put some snippets up and some secrets you find on how to make it do certain things that aren't always in the open.

There is VB code for lords in the works, but this all started out in 2D and is now moving to 3D, it's probably to much work for one person to do alone.   I really have fun trying though.  Making 3D maps is really something I am akin to as well as other aspects of the game.  My weak points are actual artwork. I did design a 3D avatar from scratch and he doesn't look to bad for a guy without a face.


Fixed Chat Pages.  If you were only getting a red X before you should now be downloading the chat control. For those of you who are interested the chat cab file still downloads automatically.


Adding Menu Bar, UOX link, VB starting page (Not really up yet).  Fixed redirects and broken links. Look for new version of Script Manager soon.


Updating Site

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