Bio of a Wizard - Randy Cragin

Born: Maine

Age: 40.

Places I've lived: Maine until 21, Florida, South Carolina, Colorado and Currently Arizona.

What I do: I tech computers.

What I really do: I write a lot. Currently I am trying to bring some of my work into the public eye.

Am I rich?: No

Am I single?: Yes

Am I Gay?: Yes, but please note the lack of associated rainbows and pink triangles, that's just not me. I am however very much in support of same sex marriages, either for each state as they come to it and eventually a national policy. This also means I'd like to get married some day just like everyone else.

Things I like: Movies, Music, Computers & Internet, Programming, and Writing.

My favorite movie: The Fifth Element.

My favorite Song: This changes a lot, I think I can say my favorite song is an album, this has changed over the years. For a while it was Pink Floyd's The Wall, more recently it's a dead tie between Evenesence and Linkin Park. I'm now a fan of Breaking Benjamin.

My dream: I think I've got most of what I wanted so far. In the nature of dreaming of things to happen you find out it's not always what you think it's going to be. Still waiting for my preferred mate.

My favorite quote: You can't get there from here.

My favorite meal: Spaghetti (still), I'm also a rabid fan of Pizza. 2008 update: I no longer eat either of these items due to my diet changes to encourage wait loss.

My favorite drink: Mountain Dew, it's preferred over water and milk. I do not drink Alcohol. 2008 update: I no longer drink Mountain Dew, because I have given up caffeine. I Drink Sierra Mist when I really need a pop.

Do I smoke?: Yes, smoking is really bad for you. 2008 update: I should know I've had two heart attacks.

Favorite sport: I don't think so. I can stand to watch bowling sometimes and I like to bowl, not much of a sport really. When I'm old and I've won the lottery I can see myself golfing into my old age.

Do I want kids?: Yes, just like everyone else, the clock is ticking though...2008 update: I think I hear it going Dong! Dong!

Okay ran out of questions to ask myself, if you think of one Communicate with me here.


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The Wizard