Visual Basic .NET Nightmare or Guide to upgrading a Guru.

Part Deux

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Getting Familiar

Okay, it opens, looks the same as 2002 to me. That means we can get started with some familiarity.

 Issue 1: Although it had no problem getting my stored settings from 2002, itís failing to display my current projects. The directory was altered and still appears under options, but I see no existing projects. Opening and closing a project does not immediately put the recent project in the start page window.

 Resolution: Settings from 2002 did not require a back slash at the end of the directory setting. 2003 does. Adding a backslash gave me my recent projects list. The recent files list does verify if the project exists. I deleted several and restarted and they did not return to the recent list. Using refresh will update the list on the start page, but only if a project is open or you trick it to appear by clicking the online resources tab and then go back to your project tab.

 Existing Project: I opened an existing project from 2002. Conversion was seamless, but one way. If you want to resource your code files in 2002, do what any good Guru does, copy files into a new folder first.

 New Project: Opening a new project automatically saves the project in the default folder.  After fiddling to get my resolution on my first issue, it now saves them in my chosen folder.

 The new project dialog box looks familiar, too. Name your project to start or itís a pain to change the names of all the files it generates when you start a new project.

 Tip 2: Moving your windows, simply tact them and you can dock them wherever you like. I prefer my explorer on the left and my toolbox on the right, seems they were both reversed.

 Trick 1: Your start page can be reopened, if closed via the help menu. Iíve also customized my tool bar giving me open & close solutions as buttons and added the show start page icon in the area where the open windows icons appear such as the solutions explorer.

 Over all it seems to work much faster. This would also because this version runs off of DNF 1.1 instead of 1.0, which as we had figured out, was outdated before we even got it.

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