Visual Basic .NET Nightmare or Guide to upgrading a Guru.

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    Before you Buy/Installing

  (An insipid look at the truly unaware consumer - Namely myself)

VB7 or the more commonly addressed as VB .NET will not install on any 9X boxes. It's quite the experience to go ahead and dish out the cash for the latest and greatest new software development program only to find out it won't install.  It's even more interesting when after total confusion and frustration one finally looks at the box and reads the minimum requirements and finds out that ME is now the new Win 95.

Well this SUCKS!  I love ME, it was such an unbelievable relief from win 98 & win 98 SE, the crashing Blue Screen King & Queen of the MS Windows family of OS products.

I really didn't want to give it up, I have issues with compatibility of releasing native compiled code to an office which has become dependant on my programs. And they are all finally on Windows ME.

So if your still on ME or don't yet have NT 4.0 or greater, better be ready to upgrade your OS first then spend the wicked dollars for VB7.

Before you Install. (the wary installer has gone paranoid and is now in the middle of buying a NEW Hard drive to ensure that everything inside of the computer's current hard drive feels no ill effects from VB7 install)

  1. When scrolling in the auto complete for methods & properties the labels have weird cutout dots all around them, you can make them go away and come back by scrolling up and down.  Chock this up to a mere annoyance.

  2. Some dialog windows seem to freeze for no particular reason.

  3. And most Noticeable and marked as complete unhappiness is the FACT that most of the VB Add ins are gone from the list!

A week with XP Pro ( It may have been longer I have lost track due to late nights of reconditioning all my Microsoft Knowledge into a very tight category - What does not work  under XP that worked fine under me? )

  1. Uninstall PCA before upgrading, you will not be able to uninstall or fix it afterwards, this accounts for 2 of my XP installs.
  2. Do not run live Update immediately after installing.  and when it says reboot, don't.
  3. A simple reg hack and all is right with the XP.Net Kingdom. Remember MS says always backup your registry before hacking at it. do a search for awgina.dll whenever a key comes up delete it, except for the one that is going to copy over all the files PCA wants after rebooting. Inside the key will be mucho files, remove the copy sequence for awgina.dll only.
  4. Okay reboot.
  5. So what did I just break?  Essentially functions of PCA's host capability to allow the use of ctrl-alt-del via remote.  But you know what? I haven't been able to do that since version 8 anyway.


Installing ( The night of no rest cont. )

Installing Revisited

IMPORTANT: Make a restore point here.  This may help you if VB.NET freezes during install (Yes I had this happen), in order to get the system to work again it had to revert to a previous working copy of the registry, which of' course was right after the XP install.


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